When you have a problem who do you go to? You always go the adult who is in charge. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether it’s correct or not. You state the issue that is happening and see what the response is. For example:

In bowling you need a lineup of at least 3 people on a 6 person roster to be “legal”. There was a team that had every single person go to a tournament the same day except for 3 people. The girl Casey was able to bowl, the boy Mick was able to bowl only because he got his dates changed. The other boy Preston couldn’t come because he was forbidden to talk to anyone from Lanyard and anyone from Lanyard was forbidden to talk to him or his mother. The teams coach Cave asked if we could either post-bowl which is when you bowl after the assigned day and your points are still accounted for. By the rules of Travel league you cannot post-bowl. But, by the rules of USBC if you are going to a local, state, or regional tournament you must be allowed a post-bowl. The director of Travel was not very happy when he heard this because he thought we thought that his rules weren’t good enough. After about 4 days of arguing and trying to figure out if they will let us bowl, he decided we have to ask the opposing team if they would like to bowl with us. At first they said yes. So, the day of Travel league we went to the bowling alley to make sure everything was situated and that we were going to get our post-bowl. During the conversation with all the league officials they wanted to know where Preston was. We told them that he is scheduled to be at Pepsi, but we are not sure because no one has had contact with him or his mother in at least a month because of being forbidden to talk to either of them. In their minds they thought that we wanted a post bowl because 3 of our best players were out. NO! We needed to post-bowl because we didn’t have a legal team and we are pins out of first place! In their thick headed minds they saw that we had 3 people available which is a legal line up therefore we forfeit 30 points. If you won’t let kids post-bowl because they are unable to fill the legal line up, but you see it because of the fact we were able to get our 3rd bowler; then you aren’t in it for the kids. You’re in it for the politics and rules. Get out of dealing with kids. I hope you’re happy knowing that these kids can’t win because of your decision. They were bowling for scholarship money in one tournament and to win a trophy in the other. Now, they can’t win either because of YOU.